Currently a very basic and short but solidly functional proof of concept for a project.


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i die reload and get this error "type error could not read event with label null" or something along those lines

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huh... never encountered that myself, but I also haven't supported this very experimental game in quite a while.

if you refresh the page and start the game again it should fix it?

But I'm not sure. What this game taught me was that browser-based games aren't going to be productive for my kinda thing.

Why is it so slow

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Depends largely on what you mean. Due to being in browser but having to load the resources on Demand it may have a little bit of warm up on low internet speeds. Once it's loaded any one thing once it will load instantly with every following instance of it, though.

If it's chugging, that could be due to a multitude of factors, it runs smoothly for me.